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Gardening is annoyingly full of all these “should haves” that optimists call learning curves.
-Helen Yemm

Disgruntled of London

spider in web

the lure of shopping on the web!

A recent Which? report of online garden centres shows how wary of shopping for plants online, gardeners need to be. 1 Ordering from both large well-known suppliers and smaller specialist outlets, the survey concluded that it’s a bit of a lottery:-

“Let downs included small plants that were little more than cuttings, damaged plants, dried-out roots , diseased plants…” 2

Buying plants online is probably the least desirable option although ‘needs must when the devil drives’. In Camden, my nearest nursery is far too pricey to warrant the poor condition of many plants. The alternatives are the local market stocking cheap and cheerful seasonals or the superstore Homebase which sells a common-or-garden range. In short, I shop online out of necessity. Read More…»