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A garden is always a series of losses set against a few triumphs, like life itself.
-Mary Sarton

Trip the Light Fantastic

wildflower walk High Peak trail

along the "High Peak" trail

Following the contours of the Derbyshire dale, the 15 mile trackbed of a disused railway cuts a picturesque swathe through limestone meadow and sheep pasturage. Drystone walls keep grazers at bay allowing native flora to thrive in undisturbed abundance all along the ‘High Peak’ trail.

Wildflowers grow in semi-uniform tiers as well as dense swathes of species planting; a design template we ornamental gardeners attempt to emulate. Pastels are the dominant palette with towering willowherb and grasses forming a backdrop of rose and oatmeal hues whilst vetch, vetchlings and clover scrabble together at the wayside fringes. In between are the blue-purple midlanders of Meadow geranium, Scabious and Knapweed although so diverse is the flora here that it would take a highly knowledgeable field specialist to identify them all. Read More…»

Good Earth Friday

On Good Friday many Christians observe the hours of darkness of the crucifixion by turning off lights and electrical appliances. This accords well with Earth Day’s environmental agenda and so the coincidental timing of these two occasions, brings a rather poignant intertwining to the themes of sin, death, resurrection and salvation.

I rather shy away from publicly boarding the bandwagon of  world environment  issues, not least because the topic is emotive and the cause so seemingly mammoth. Nevertheless my tribute to Earth day is a personal and rather long-winded retrospective on the shaping of this green gardener.

house in the woods

dream house

Read More…»