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I dreamed a thousand new paths. I woke and walked my old one.
-Chinese proverb

Kew Americana @ the British Museum

When a friend rang to meet for coffee last week, the Court Cafe at the heart of the British Museum hit the spot as it were. For all its vastness, the glass and stone sheltered courtyard manages to be intimate as well as being an architecturally awesome, people watching, while-away-the-hours, rendezvous. As it was, there was not much time to spare but I’d wanted to see the North American flora in this year’s Kew at the British Museum and there were just enough meandering moments left for a few snaps. Even the wet weather managed a summery break…
trees from North America - kew at the british museum
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Mary’s Mosaicks

A month has moved on since my last post and I even missed the motivational moment to kick-start some momentum in the the ABC meme round of M. Now we are in the Ns and I could have written up my notes on nudging Nicotinia tabacum into never-never land. Instead I present Mary’s Mosaicks a week late but nevertheless just as topical.

red geranium petal


Rarely do I review a book  but Molly Peacock’s “The Paper Garden” has been a  fascinating and therapeutic passtime of late. Until then, the name of Mary Granville Pendarves Delany was unknown to me as were her ‘Flower Mosaicks’,  as she called her paper cutouts of Botanica in all their meticulous detail. Read More…»

Kew in Australia

Australian fauna at Kew

Australian flora

When I think of Australian flora I picture tough architectural plants in an array of exotic forms, exemplified by the illustrations and botanical prints of 18th century artists and engravers.

“The earliest known published image of an Australian plant appeared in William Dampier’s 1703 book, Journal of a voyage to New-Holland. [These] inspired a blossoming of published works about the strange new flora of Australia.” 1

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