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A garden is always a series of losses set against a few triumphs, like life itself.
-Mary Sarton

What’s in the pot?

garden view

pots in the shade

In my summer garden, light is at a premium and even shade tolerant plants find it a challenge too far with dry soil almost dessicating  under the foliar canopy. Thus I resort to keeping many of the plants in pots and placing them in or at the front of borders.

Container gardening is hard graft, requiring constant watering but more so when the outdoor tap is in an outhouse away, up and down several flights of steps. I’ve been grateful for the torrential rains last week although at the other extreme, potted plants are in danger of becoming waterlogged unless trays &  saucers are emptied regularly. Read More…»

Summery Summary

Red hollyhocks

Poppies on sticks

A hollyhock
shot up to meet
the summer solstice

Now the longest day has passed, the garden is emerging from its in-between seasonal state and starting to show more colour. The heavy rains over the last 2 weeks have contributed much to the revival although the garden is always  in a state of flux with borders never quite fulfilled.

Hollyhocks herald summer for me perhaps because I do not grow Sunflowers. They are like high-rise poppies  and I love the way light ignites their crinkled paper petals.  This year they also remind me that I forgot to sow seeds from a black-red variety I’d collected. Damn! (note to self – add to Autumn to do list). Read More…»

May Flowers Montage

With the driest Spring and the warmest April in years, both plants and gardener have faced the challenge of  unseasonal conditions. Following RHS advice, I have used the hose-pipe infrequently but thoroughly on my well-drained soil and so a review of how May flowers are faring is in order.

Dog rose flowering in May

Rosa Canina

Read More…»