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Occasional drama is what you want in an herbaceous border, to wake up the sleepy hordes of daisies and well-bred bellflowers
-Anna Pavord

Pinning down some Open Garden Squares

Temple garden roses at open garden squares weekend

“Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us”Oscar Wilde

When it comes to social networking, my activity levels would register in the insular range. I’ve turned my back on Facebook, barely tweet and have now discarded Pinterest after only a brief fling. With all the hoo-ha over copyright infringement by ‘pinners’ it seems best to leave the fray. I still value the facility of a visual depositary but instead of trawling  the web to collect ideas and inspirations, I’ll resort to memory and make do with my own image bank. One less ‘time-squandering’ virtual activity is after all a plus for the real world. Read More…»

All set for summer

Pastels typify our landscape perhaps because the frequency of cloud or grey skies  enables the colours to fully saturate. In keeping with this, the planting  in Russell square has morphed latterly from gaudy corporation bedding styles back into disordered tiers of native herbaceous perennials. Behind metal border edging or even better, low-hedged Hawthorn or Buxus, crowds of early summer flowers have pressed together and just about withstood the recent buffeting of tempestuous and prolonged pluvious periods. Rosy-toned Valerian, Lamium and Geranium mingle well with spikes of Phlox, Foxglove and the pale yellow ‘Sisyrinchium striatum’ in an understated vivacity.pastel summer bedding in Russell Square Read More…»

Kew Americana @ the British Museum

When a friend rang to meet for coffee last week, the Court Cafe at the heart of the British Museum hit the spot as it were. For all its vastness, the glass and stone sheltered courtyard manages to be intimate as well as being an architecturally awesome, people watching, while-away-the-hours, rendezvous. As it was, there was not much time to spare but I’d wanted to see the North American flora in this year’s Kew at the British Museum and there were just enough meandering moments left for a few snaps. Even the wet weather managed a summery break…
trees from North America - kew at the british museum
Read More…»