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Every garden is a chore sometimes, but no real garden is nothing but a chore
-Nancy Grasby

Easter egspedition

tube map and iphone still life


Into the zone for the Faberge Big Egg Hunt egstravaganza, complete with iPhone and grand-daughter. With over 200 egshibits round the capital the idea was to hunt down as many decorated egg sculptures per area and text each discovery to raise money for children and elephant charities. Zone 10 on the Southbank was enough for a Sunday afternoon.

image courtesy David Walker - click to see his artworkImage Source

By Waterloo bridge and David Walker’s spray painted graffiti egg blends egcellently with the skatepark. Frosted metallic colours and a featured face but I egsperimented with high contrast monochrome for a gritty grunge effect…

passing by walker's egg by the skatepark



walker's face in the egg



face to face with walker's egg



easter egg and 'poster girl' L at the skatepark


The egspedition is now over but am grateful for a grand-daughter’s egsuberance and here is the egg we could never figure the way to. Clue:“The National is the place for a great night at the theatre, but make sure you egsit the third floor terraces from inside out “.

‘Samsara’ flows on by the Thames

Moroccan Zouaq painting of Samsara egg by Natasha Mann

Happy Easter everyone!

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The Faberge Big Egg Hunt
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