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It is when our budding hopes are nipped beyond recovery by some rough wind, that we are the most disposed to picture to ourselves what flowers they might have borne, if they had flourished.
-Dombey & Son

March Medley

alder catkins at Camley Street“It was on one of those mornings, common in early spring, when the year, fickle and changeable in its youth like all other created things, is undecided whether to step backward into winter or forward into summer,

woodland snowdrops at Camley street

winter potted agapanthus in Paddington gardens

and in its uncertainty inclines now to the one and now to the other, and now to both at once—

spring leaf on Wayfaring tree  (viburnum lantana)

mahonia blossomwooing summer in the sunshine, and lingering still with winter in the shade—

it was, in short, on one of those mornings, when it is hot and cold, wet and dry, bright and lowering, sad and cheerful, withering and genial, in the compass of one short hour…”

meadow pond in Springleaf bud and thorn of wild rose

narcissus pseudonarcissus native UK daffodil

A native Daffodil for St David’s day and some lyrical prose from Dickens for the first of the month.

With a final Mad March twist to the tale…Mallard decoying as a bird sculpture and displaying the craft of her camoflague

female mallard feeding in the reeds

1. Charles Dickens “Barnaby Rudge” Chapter 10
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All rights reserved. Content created by Laura Thomas @PatioPatch

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